Studio SoCal Skin Care & Aesthetics

About Studio SoCal Skin Care & Aesthetics

Launched in 2022, Studio SoCal Skin Care & Aesthetics,  A local Canadian brand of clean skin care products safe for all skin types and conditions, including those with sensitive skin. Studio SoCal Aesthetics and The Studio SoCal Skincare brand is Calgary’s newest start-up and Canadian brand . Founded by Catina Larsen, who after 21 years in the legal industry, decided to enter the exciting world of aesthetics and skincare as Calgary’s newest entrepreneur.

Established in 2021, Studio SoCal Skin Care & Aesthetics was launched as a professional skin therapy studio dedicated to addressing skin concerns and conditions across all age groups, skin types, and genders. The studio’s core mission revolves around educating clients on how to achieve healthy, hydrated, and glowing skin and has evolved into satisfied clients who were seeking effective facial treatments and a consistent and realistic home are routine. 

In 2022, Studio SoCal Skin Care was launched based on the needs of clients and their skin concerns as a Canadian brand of professional grade, clean beauty products formulated to effectively nourish and moisturize the skin, while aiming to make skincare routines realistic and effective. Understanding the demand for uncomplicated skincare solutions amidst an oversaturated market of over hyped, over priced and excessive skin care routines. This brand was conceived to cater to individuals like its founder, who sought straightforward and realistic skincare solutions. Driven by a personal understanding of the trials of aging and a generation seeking to reverse the signs of aging without invasive, expensive and painful treatments. It was important to create effective aesthetic services that are all inclusive and a skin care brand for all skin types especially sensitive skin. All services and skin care products are optimized for the Canadian dry climate with the ultimate goal of providing every client the opportunity to have healthy, hydrated and glowing skin. Catering to discerning Canadian clientele, Studio SoCal Skin Care has quickly emerged as a prominent local brand recognized for its effectiveness and quality. Studio SoCal’s mission is to deliver skincare remedies that prioritize skin health and radiance. Founded by Catina Larsen, a seasoned legal professional with over 18 years of operations and management experience. Studio SoCal Skin Care & Aesthetics signifies her transition into the growing industry of aesthetics and skincare entrepreneurship in Canada.


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